Gerrit Code Review for Exherbo

This post is outdated and only kept for historical reasons.

I’ve installed a Gerrit Code Review instance on my server for use with Exherbo.

Gerrit is a code review tool and allows for

  • discussing patches and keeping the results for future reference
  • get notified by email about changes (if you want)
  • easily work on every Exherbo repository
  • contributors to get their repositories added to Gerrit as well (optional but strongly recommended)
You’ll find an introduction to Gerrit here.
  • You need a GitHub or Google account. The email address you wish to use in Gerrit must be configured in your GitHub account.
  • You MUST use your real name for copyright reasons.
  • Gerrit replicates merged changes pretty much immediately. This sometimes/rarely fails on the first attempt for various reason. I’ve implemented a fallback that occurs every 5 minutes.

How to use Gerrit:

Initial setup in two easy steps:
  1. Go to, in the upper right corner, click “Sign in”.
  2. Authorize Gerrit with GitHub or Google.
 Cloning a repository:
  1. Click “Projects”, “List”, then choose a project.
  2. You should see several methods for cloning the project, the easiest way is to choose the ssh method.
  3. Clone, e. g. git clone ssh://<user name>
  4. Install a hook that sets a Change-Id automatically (choose one of the two alternatives):

scp -p -P 29418 <your username> <local path to your repository>/.git/hooks/
curl -o <local path to your repository>/.git/hooks/commit-msg

chmod +x <local path to your repository>/.git/hooks/commit-msg

Uploading changes:

There are several methods to upload changes:
  1. Work on your copy of the repository, commit.
  2. Push your changes: git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master
You can use git review for easily setting up your repository clone and submitting patches, too. It’s quite nice, use it!
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