Her Deadly Touch (Detective Josie Quinn #12), by Lisa Regan

Her Deadly Touch by Lisa Regan

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Josie whines about her dead granny.
Josie finds a body.
Josie whines again about her dead granny.
People vanish. Joise: “My poor dead granny!”
Josie is in the morgue, sees a body and, yes, you guessed it…
And so forth till the very end.

(Don’t get me wrong: Practically everyone from previous generations of my extended family are dead. Four during the last three years alone. I know grief but I’ve never wallowed in it like Josie does.)

This book is a mess…

  • Murder by carbon monoxide poisoning which occured in about 3 ‰ (per mille!) of homicides during the 20th century according to a quick research. (I couldn’t find data for the 21st century that did NOT include murder-suicides…)
  • A bus driver who might or might not have been tricked
  • Organised crime killing small-town fences for not coughing up money
  • An abundance of hardly-believable characters
  • Even harder-to-believe what-ifs – and not only hinted at but constantly repeated literal “if only, if only”s
  • Drugs, sex – just no rock’n’roll
  • Lots of plot holes and loose ends
  • A Josie Quinn who basically permeates between bemoaning the death of her granny and somewhat accurately working on the actual case

Two stars out of five because despite all that I finished this turd.

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