Hush Little Girl (Detective Josie Quinn #11), by Lisa Regan

Hush Little Girl by Lisa Regan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An isolated, hidden house in the woods, half a family murdered, a cancelled wedding, lots of suspense, a major personal loss…

Hush Little Girl” is one more mystery/thriller from Regan’s production line – she writes three to four books in this series per year. Thus, it cannot really surprise anyone that while these books are fairly entertaining, they’re all derived from the same formula.

If, by now, you like Josie Quinn and her team you won’t be disappointed by this instalment either. Apart from one rather disruptive (and overly drawn-out) change in Josie’s personal life nothing ever really changes in this series either, though.

For the entertaining but utterly forgettable book it is: Four out of five stars.

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