Silk by Chris Karlsen


Silk by Chris Karlsen

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is yet another win from Early Reviewers. Unfortunately, it’s a completely forgettable book. I’ve read “Silk” some time ago and waited to write this review for a while to see what I would actually remember and how I would feel about it.

The story is pretty much standard murder mystery: Killer kills woman, police tries to find him with the limited means of the time, police catches murders.

In between, there’s a bored guy from the landed gentry who tries to achieve eternal youth by acquiring an obscure potion, seduces every woman he meets and kills most of them because it turns him on.

There’s the lonely cop with a funny name and his sidekick, their annoying boss and a bit of romance thrown in uninspiredly. The author tries to add a bit of philosophy (“Was he always like that or was it the potion? Everyone seems to have loved him! Must have been the potion” – “No, young padawan, he must have been a monster before because no elixir exists to turn someone into one.”) but fails at that as well.

Honestly, find something else to read. This book is simply uninspired and boring.

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