Breathe Your Last (Detective Josie Quinn #10), by Lisa Regan

Breathe Your Last by Lisa Regan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Josie Quinn No. 10. A swimming champion drowns, a firefighter sets his house on fire, some ordinary people try their hand at flying… It soon becomes clear that these are not just cases of truly bad judgement but that a half-crazed serial killer is on the loose in Denton.

Sounds good? It is – for what it is.

If you like Josie Quinn, you’ll enjoy this instalment. If you don’t, this won’t make you change your mind. Since this is a pretty “decoupled” episode, you can enjoy this book even if you haven’t ever read any of the previous books.

Just be sure you know what you’re getting – a suspenseful but bog-standard police procedural like many others out there. It just happens to be one of the sort I enjoy from time to time for its pure relaxation value.

Four out of five stars.

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