Gerrit: Update to 2.10-rc1, GitHub, OpenID & other stuff

As you will have noticed, after a hard crash and failed efforts to restore the existing Gerrit, it had to be re-installed from scratch. With it, some changes had to be made:


  • OpenID is no longer available for authentication as Google is deprecating it.
  • GitHub is now used for authentication. So you must have an account there.
  • cgit is integrated into Gerrit and can be used stand-alone as well.
  • All repositories had to be re-imported. If you have a repository in Gerrit, please contact zlin (via IRC or email) or myself (via IRC or email) to get your permissions set up again.


I’ve updated my post Gerrit Code Review for Exherbo as well.


P. S.: Due to being ill, I might not be available.

I am and have been working on quite a few F/OSS projects:
  • Exherbo (Nick: Philantrop)
  • Gentoo (Nick: Philantrop)
  • Calibre plugin iOS reader applications
  • Calibre plugin Marvin XD
  • chroot-manager
  • stuff on github
  • Lots of other projects
  • If you like my work, feel free to donate. 🙂

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