Leaving Montana by Thomas Whaley

Leaving Montana

Leaving Montana by Thomas Whaley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was yet another surprisingly good book from early reviewers. As usual, I won’t bother with a summary especially since the description is already pretty good.
The story is basically narrated on two different levels in time which are slowly being merged into the current day. Especially in the beginning, this is done masterfully and effortlessly. It’s getting slightly harder to understand towards the end of the book when the time frames are getting nearer to each other but it’s still very well done.
There are a few minor issues that make me subtract one star:  – There are several occurrences of the nowadays common mistake of using “[I] could care less” when it actually should be “[I] could *not* care less”, e. g. “He acted as if he could care less, but the fact was he did.” (Chapter 5) – A few times, when it should be “then” the author’s mistakenly using the comparative “than” instead. – Fairly regularly, there are instances of a missing comma.
These minor issues, though, hardly ever really have an impact on the enjoyment of the book as a whole. It’s brilliantly written, I can relate to almost all characters which are believable, well fleshed out and fitting extremely well into the narration.
In contrast to another reviewer, I believe the book has exactly the right size – it never became long-winded for me and everything told was on some level important to the story. I never grew bored or disinterested.
If and when there’s a second edition with the minor issues I pointed out fixed, this could become an almost flawless gem.

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