Lonely Planet Unpacked, by Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet Unpacked by Lonely Planet

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Travel disaster stories were promised but the only disaster were the stories…

DNF at 72%.

Ever since I stumbled upon “Kamikaze Kangaroos!: A trip around Oz in a van called Rusty” by Tony James Slater several years ago, I sometimes like to read travel memoirs – especially when there’s disaster involved!

By now, I’ve read all of Tony’s books (and those of many other travellers!) and it seemed a logical next step to take a famous travel guide’s collection of supposedly funny travel stories…

Sadly, the promised “disaster stories” here are mostly of the following variety…

“Look, I did this and this is why: (long-winded explanations)”
“I could have died from that long walk, the road traffic, my inability to overcome inertia, (blah blah)!”
“And, lo and behold, I dangerously sprained my ankle!”

This is neither very entertaining nor does it make for a good read which is why I’m abandoning this for good.

One star out of five.

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