Miscellaneous Updates to Gerrit, Jenkins & friends

Over the last few weeks, I’ve made a few changes to Exherbo’s Gerrit and Jenkins installation:

  • Build artifacts are stored in Jenkins:

    If a build is unsuccessful, the Paludis build log, config.log (if it exists) and the cave-resolve command used are stored. Since build artifacts are associated with a project (i. e. the repository) and not individual builds, the files have the build number prepended in their file name:

    If a build is successful, only the cave-resolve command and the detected dependencies are archived:


    This change is effective immediately for all exheres repositories in Jenkins. If you have further suggestions of files to archive, please let me know.


  • Due to the recent OpenSSL Heartbleed bug issue, I’ve re-issued the SSL certificates on my machines on April, 11th 2014. If you have a password login on galileo, now is the time to change it. For galileo.mailstation.de, the host key fingerprints are as follows:

1024 a8:8c:7d:87:3d:a6:61:78:8d:59:f5:52:d7:b1:3c:34 (DSA)
256 f1:08:b0:12:66:1c:72:af:2d:d8:c7:15:ca:13:f6:f2 (ECDSA)
256 68:1c:27:e2:8e:b5:42:62:98:8a:f3:04:45:c1:60:f9 (ED25519)
2048 37:38:6e:81:4a:53:24:4d:b0:fb:c7:3e:f0:1d:63:8c (RSA1)
2048 06:57:ff:b7:e6:6f:c8:31:76:c8:9a:7c:37:d7:f5:47 (RSA)

The web server’s certifacte has the following fingerprints:
  • SHA-256 Fingerprint:
    85 3D 47 8B A5 44 76 A0 09 96 9F 15 4A 9A F8 C5 1C 95 D1 1D 92 4E 78 06 0D F6 E5 7B 1B C5 B2 07
  • SHA-1 Fingerprint:
    0D E8 77 4F 74 67 AB 61 12 97 A5 57 84 1F B4 51 C1 1D D4 19


  • Gerrit was updated to version 2.8.4. There are quite a few bug fixes in the release notes but probably most important for those of you who experienced issues with the side-by-side diff view in the new change screen are the fixes they applied to it.


There’s more to come but that’s going into another post. 🙂

I am and have been working on quite a few F/OSS projects:
  • Exherbo (Nick: Philantrop)
  • Gentoo (Nick: Philantrop)
  • Calibre plugin iOS reader applications
  • Calibre plugin Marvin XD
  • chroot-manager
  • stuff on github
  • Lots of other projects
  • If you like my work, feel free to donate. 🙂

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