Nolyn (The Rise and Fall, #1), by Michael J. Sullivan

Nolyn by Michael J. Sullivan

I tried really hard to like this but couldn’t. In fact, I’m giving up at 62%… I liked “Legends of the First Empire” and that series’ protagonists. I love Michael’s Hadrian and Royce.

“Nolyn”, though, is a different matter: We’re 800 years after the events of “Legends” and some of the old heroes are still around which is one of the issues: All the human protagonists are, of course, long gone; but the elves are still around. Unreasonable lifespans of several thousand (!) years are poor, unconvincing and annoying storytelling devices.

Yes, that was made clear in “Legends” and I was worried that might create a problem but it never mattered in that series. Now, Nyphron is still around but – before I DNF’ed – he doesn’t appear. He’s talked about but we don’t get to “see” him.

Also, an old nemesis from “Legends” is still around, still conspiring and plotting which is very annoying: Don’t reuse old enemies; they had their time and place and 800 years later, they should simply be gone.

The adult half-elf children of the heroes of old are, of course, still around but what they think, talk about and do ridicules, deconstructs and belittles their parents. It doesn’t help that these children are neither very interesting (Nolyn) nor relatable (Sephryn).

Up to 62% very little of consequence has actually happened: We get lots of info-dumps, much bemoaning, and that’s pretty much it.

I was bored, annoyed, disappointed, and actually avoided reading like the plague in order to not have to deal with this book and not have to write this review.

I’m still going to read Michael’s other books and – just like with all three books in “The Rise and Fall” – have backed them all on Kickstarter and will continue to do so but I’m going to be more lenient with myself about DNF’ing his books…

One sad star out of five.

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