Save Her Soul (Detective Josie Quinn #9), by Lisa Regan

Save Her Soul by Lisa Regan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well, I’m sitting here in front of my keyboard, thinking what to write about this book… Don’t get me wrong, it’s clearly Josie Quinn and I like Josie and I like the series… but…

Anyway, we’re in Denton once more; this time under complicated circumstances: Flooding has hit the city and Josie is stressed out seeing her city sinking. Fortunately, she isn’t immediately impacted as her home seems to be on a hill or something. I forgot and it doesn’t really matter.

Josie and Noah, probably soon to be declared patron saints of Denton, take in Misty – Josie’s dead ex-husband Ray’s ex-stripper lover – their, Misty’s and Ray’s, kid, Harris, and their dog in. (Yes, everyone and their dog…)
Misty, starting to turn from bimbo to actual human being, immediately counters any kind of normal cognitive reaction by… excessive cooking.

And here’s the “but” from the beginning: I feel I’m starting to tire a bit of the cast. Noah, the too-good-to-be-true saviour type; Misty, the bimbo; Gretchen the “strong silent type” in a female version and – tada – fresh from the mayor’s office: Amber Watts, the mayor’s plant or truly an excitable woman who even steals in the course of the investigation.
It’s just nothing new. That’s not bad in itself but we’re exposed to so many reminiscences of earlier books and Josie’s past, it feels somewhat repetitive.
Moreover, we get to see her almost succumb to her demons once more – which seems to pretty much happen in every Josie Quinn novel these days, too.

Some loose threads (why doesn’t Vera want to enter the policy HQ?) never really get picked up.

And, yet, the story is… serviceable. Nothing spectacular but an ok’ish book, featuring ok’ish people.

If you like the books (which I still do), you can safely pick this one up; you’ll feel right at home. If you’re new to Josie Quinn, start with one of the earlier books and know it never gets any better (but rarely worse either!).

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