“Where have you been?!”

As many of you will have noticed, I’ve been “gone” for almost two months. To some of you, I’ve explained my absence but I’d like to present a “compact” version here as well.

As many of you know, I’ve been the head of my department at work last year. Due to problematic circumstances beyond my control, I decided it best for me to formally resign from said position effective December, 31st 2014.

Fast-forward to mid 2015: A new head of department has been installed. Naturally, I’m her deputy. The “problematic circumstances” mentioned above have gone even more “challenging” by now. Both my new team lead and I do all we can for everyone involved.

Mid September 2015 – things get rougher for a lot of reasons. The team lead goes on extended holidays and I’m taking over. There are lots of things to do and way too few hours in a day to work on them – even for a highly skilled and systematically working professional like myself.

I’m working very long each week (I won’t mention how long exactly to avoid all kinds of trouble 🙂 ) and, thus, have to cut down on all other activities and since Exherbo is the most time-consuming one, it’s the first (but not the last) to suffer from that.

By now, I have a few effective methods (and professional help) to avoid a burn-out, etc. and so, now that my team lead is back at work, things should slowly be going back to normal. Which – as you can see – effectively means: I’m back. 🙂

I am and have been working on quite a few F/OSS projects:
  • Exherbo (Nick: Philantrop)
  • Gentoo (Nick: Philantrop)
  • Calibre plugin iOS reader applications
  • Calibre plugin Marvin XD
  • chroot-manager
  • stuff on github
  • Lots of other projects
  • If you like my work, feel free to donate. 🙂


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