Her Silent Cry (Detective Josie Quinn #6), by Lisa Regan

In this sixth instalment of Regan’s Josie Quinn series a child is abducted in a rather complex way and more “surprises” await Josie and her team during the investigation because not everything is as it looks at the beginning…

At least it’s not like it looks to Josie or anyone on her team because very early on there is a horrible give-away as to the reasons of the abduction which made me see a lot of the things to come right from the start. That was a huge let-down and while there’s still a lot of suspense, it severely detracted from the potential this book showed.

This is especially disappointing for me as I’ve really enjoyed “following” Josie during her cases so far. While the books in this series never had much depth and were at no point intellectually challenging, they were suspenseful, often surprising and never dull.

Compared to other cases, though, this one – while not exactly dragging on – isn’t quite as fast-paced. All the more so if one considers the tumultuous events of the previous book.

What’s missing as well are the actual characters on Josie’s team: While Noah, Gretchen, Mettner, Lamay and Chitwood, are all there, they mostly seem to be lacking their earlier personalities. For some reason I don’t really understand Noah is still injured and while he was an idiot during the previous book, now he’s a softie. Gretchen hardly ever gets into the limelight; Chitwood, Josie’s boss, isn’t his usual abrasive self either and I had to look up the others as they were unrecognisably shallow.

There’s hardly anything going on in Josie’s private life and the one potentially major development that could have become great limps away whimpering because Regan didn’t have the courage to go through with it.

All in all, while this is not a bad book in itself, it’s just a disappointment as I’ve come to expect more from Regan. It’s a lukewarm instalment in this series that can be skipped without really missing anything.

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