Little Things, by Jim Butcher (from: Heroic Hearts, by Jim Butcher)

Heroic Hearts by Jim Butcher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

»“You came for me first,” she said. “Not the pizza.”«

I’m exclusively referring to Jim Butcher’s short story “Little Things” from the “Heroic Hearts” anthology. This is simply because I only got it to read that one story – and it was worth it.

Told from the viewpoint of “Major General Toot-Toot Minimus, sprite in service to Sir Harry Dresden […] and captain of his personal guard”, this is set pretty much immediately after the events of “Battle Ground”…

An attempt on Harry’s life is made and Toot-Toot valiantly takes charge! I’ve like the little folk from the very beginning and now they finally and very much deservedly get their very own story.

Five out of five stars for a highly amusing short story from the Dresden universe.

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