Lovelight Farms (Lovelight, #1), by B.K. Borison

Lovelight Farms by B.K. Borison

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I wanted a holiday romance and with “Lovelight Farms” by B.K. Borison I got one – but it was slightly weird and unusual. Friends-to-lovers has never been very interesting to me but in this case, it’s more like platonic-lovers-to-lovers.

»He meets me in the living room, extending a hand to help me from my crouched position on the floor. There’s no jolt of electricity when our skin touches, just the sweet, settling warmth I always feel.«

For nine years, Stella and Luka have been in love and everyone knows it but themselves. Not a single person in their small hometown has told either of them – they opened a betting pool instead. Both Luka and Stella individually know they’re in love with the other but neither actually does anything about it until Stella takes part in the contest of an influencer and lies that she owns her Xmas tree farm together with her boyfriend…

They’ve basically been faking being friends for nine years. Thus, there was not the slightest doubt how this book would end. The only real issue being Stella’s fear of abandonment which leads to a (thankfully) short-lived mini-conflict.

My second minor gripe is something more personal: My birthday (23.12.!), Xmas and the end of the year have always been a time of family (re)union: My siblings are quite a few years older than me and they moved out early. They mostly came home for my birthday and Xmas and while those days never were untroubled, some of my favourite (and worst) memories involve that time.

When I grew older, I would drive home myself – and when I married (it will be 23 years tomorrow) and we founded our own family (my oldest child is 22 🙂 ) we kept celebrating as a family.

This Xmas my daughter (she moved out this year 🥹) and her boyfriend came to visit and celebrated with us. 🤗 Maybe in a few years time… but let’s not think too far ahead! 😉

So, when I think of Xmas, of the peaceful and quiet days between the years, I think of family. That’s what I was hoping for in a holiday romance. That’s what this novel sadly also lacked.

Not a bad book but not quite what I was hoping for.

Three out of five stars.

(Why am I writing “Xmas” instead of the more traditional spelling? That this novel has a nice answer to: »I don’t believe in fate, or kismet, or any rule or reason to the universe and all its random, wonderful, terrible happenings.« – beyond the laws of science, I’d like to add, being an anti-theist.)

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