The Woman in the Window, by A.J. Finn

The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This was an all-around bad book. Most of the story elements were pilfered from the abundance of old films mentioned here, e. g. “Rear Window”, “Witness To Murder”, and large parts from more recent films like “Copycat”.

It also reminded me a lot of an old song by Tom Lehrer: Lobachevsky.

It has basically no redeeming qualities. If you want more details, read on, but be warned: Spoilers ahead!


The protagonist, Anna Fox, is an ex-psychologist who suffers from agoraphobia after both her husband and her child died after an accident. She drove the car and was the sole survivor. She still talks to both of them and pretends they’re alive but live separately.

Anna is on strong medication but takes those with lots and lots of wine which she’s getting delivered in bulk. She doesn’t quite see dead people yet but suffers from lots of side effects.

One day Anna witnesses a murder and nobody believes her. As a reader, I didn’t give a rat’s ass: Anna is almost criminally stupid and very unlikeable. Just like I didn’t care about any other member of the cast – the father who is supposed to be protective but acts like a violent lunatic; the wife who’s just plain hostile; the “good cop” who tries to understand Anna but doesn’t really do anything to help; his “bad cop” partner whose character seems to solely consist of being annoyed… They’re all shallowly depicted caricatures.

All the characters, especially our drunken heroine, make the worst possible choices all the time. Anna herself is also weirdly written in that she’s supposed to be 38 but reads like she’s beyond 60.

I saw every single twist coming and was solely surprised by how cheap and primitive Finn resolves them. Apparently, he lacks any sense of subtlety and suspense building.

One star out of five.

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