Exherbo – what we’re good at, what we should improve
Exherbo/ 17. April 2010

Exherbo has developed nicely since we went public about it two years ago and even though we haven’t yet accomplished all of our major goals yet, I think we’re doing well. In this post, I’d like to comment on a few things that we’ve accomplished, some we’re still working on and some which we yet have to deal with. This is, of course, just my personal point of view and not necessarily shared by any other Exherbo developer. I’m writing this in the hope that some of you might want to help with the open issues and to remind myself of what we did and what we have yet to do. 🙂 Distributed development I really like how we do distributed development: Our contributors just add their git format-patch to our patch-tracking bot hacchi, we’ll review the patch and if it meets our quality standards, we can just apply it locally and push it. If the patch needs improvements, we point those out to the submitter. Like that, we’re not only getting quality exheres but we help our contributors to learn good practices (which often can be applied to non-Exherbo shell scripting as well). Not only do Exherbo core devs…

Gentoo packs it up – joins Exherbo
Exherbo/ 1. April 2010

In an unexpected move, the Gentoo trustees have contacted us, Exherbo, recently with a suggestion. Disappointed with the intense internal quarreling among Gentoo developers (which Gentoo has been famous for anyway), the general inability of the current Gentoo council to provide the necessary vision and strategic governance for Gentoo as a whole as well as the lack of implementation of newer EAPIs in Portage, the trustees deemed it necessary to step in. Gentoo Foundation, Inc.’s president, Roy “NeddySeagoon” Bamford being a regular in our IRC channel #exherbo on Freenode discussed the current state of Gentoo with his most trusted advisors, Denis “Calchan” Dupeyron (already an active Exherbo contributor) and Thomas “tanderson” Anderson (Exherbo dev). All three of them had first-hand experience with Exherbo and the way we work – distributedly, with strong peer-review and almost every single user contributing to Exherbo. This effectiveness, the overall quality of Exherbo as well as the fast-paced development of both our exheres-0 format, the amazing speed of Paludis development (Paludis being Exherbo’s package manager) and, last but not least, Ciaran McCreesh’s latest information about the move to cave and egress, a Portage-UI-compatible Paludis client, convinced them to boldly go on with their plan to…

Exherbo/ 10. January 2010

What keeps me doing things in my life are primarily two factors: Money and recognition. Not necessarily in that order. In my job, I’m being paid to do what I do but I couldn’t ever be satisfied with just that. What really thrills me is being recognised for the professional I am. Receiving an email from a customer that simply said “Thank you. You’re one of the few persons I can always rely on.” made my day. I don’t get that from receiving my pay-cheque. In my private life, I’m mostly a father, a husband and, last but not least, a guy who loves to work on Linux. A machine that just works is a boring machine. Thus, I really love working on Exherbo. Working on Exherbo allows me to do and try everything, make things work exactly the way I want them to, give back to the FOSS community – and being recognised for the professional I am. 🙂 Recognition, thus, is very important for me. Now, Bryan “kloeri” Østergaard, has decided to remove Exherbo’s “Developers” page which lists all the core developers in favour of a simple list of all contributors ever. This in itself is fine with me….